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From: Nick Spencer
Thanks to all my fans for their patience And I hope you enjoy chapter three
of Family Love.
KAREN THOMAS (THIRTY-THREE)CHAPTER THREETonight was finally going to be the night; I could hardly believe it. Kevin
and I had been planning it for a little over a week and a half, ever since
we had realised that it was what Timmy truly wanted. It had been a little
over two weeks since I first discovered the desires that my brothers had
towards me. I still sometimes found it hard to believe my own luck; I had
taken many an opportunity to indulge my fantasies, whether it be by driving
my cock as deep into Kevin's arse as I possibly dark loli 13 bbs could, or trading blowjobs
with my little buddy, Timmy.However, I had not as yet taken the liberty of taking Timmy's arse. Despite
the fact that he had been literally begging me to do so all the time. I
had, however, been worried that I was going to hurt him. I had watched and
thrilled at the sight of Kevin fucking him several times over. But tonight
was going to be the night - the night that I finally gave in to my urges
and the boy's insistence; tonight I was going to take my first dip into my
baby bro's arse.We had worked out a plan of how best to do it without my parents being
home. We had decided that we had to do it before they got home from
work. We knew that they were both coming home because today was a special
day for more obvious reasons than I had already expressed. It was Timmy's
eighth birthday, and this was going to be his private birthday present from
me. He didn't know that it was going to happen. Kevin and I had decided to
make it a surprise.. We thought it would be better that way, so the plan
was set in place and as I finally arrived home, couldn't free underage lolita movies hide my
excitement.I knew the other two boys would already be home by the time I arrived, and
as I opened and then closed the front door, I heard two sets of feet run
down the hallway towards me. Kevin and Timmy appeared in front of me and
Timmy leapt into my arms, as he had taken to doing over the last month or
so. I grabbed him on his bottom for support as I planted a kiss on his
lips. Kevin, I thought, looked slightly jealous when I placed Timmy back on
the floor, and then I wrapped my hands around him and again kissed him on
the lips. Kevin grinned through the kiss and I knew that he was over his
jealousy.I made my way up to my bedroom; the boys remained in the kitchen as I got
changed. Then, when I was set, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought
about what was finally going to happen. A part of me still wasn't sure
whether it was a good idea. But I knew that this was a special day and this
was what Timmy had wanted more than anything else in the world. So, with a
final grin at my reflection, I made my way out of the bedroom and headed
for the kitchen..When I walked in, I saw Kevin and Timmy in a whispered conversation. But
then they went silent when they saw me. From the look on their faces, I
couldn't resist smiling. I walked over to the cupboard and opened it as I
said to the boys, "What do you guys want to eat?" They gave me a few
responses, and I ended up just grabbing a big bag of chips. I poured us all
a glass of coke and then we moved into the lounge room. But I didn't turn
on the television. We just sat down on the couch and opened the chips.I looked at Kevin, and when he nodded I knew that that meant it was time. I
took a deep breath before I said to Timmy, "So, bro, you're eight now."
Timmy looked at me curiously. I continued, "So, if I was to say you could
have one wish for your birthday, what would it be?" I knew it was stupid
but I needed to make sure this was still what he, in fact, wanted. The last
thing I wanted was to make him feel like he had to do it.Timmy looked at me and then at Kevin. But then he child nude lolitas galleries frowned. "You know what I
want. But you won't let me have it."The way he said the words somewhat pre loli bald pussy shocked me. He said it with a slight
force, and it made me feel almost guilty. I grinned as I teased him. "What
do you mean, what is it you want?" Timmy looked at me a little frustrated;
I could see that Kevin was looking at me strangely as well. I smiled at
him; Timmy hesitated for a few moments nn teen girls lolitas before he slid over to me on the
couch, and, placing his hand on my thigh, he said, "I want you to fuck
me. You know that." His hand was close enough to my boner so that I started
to harden, and trust me, was I ever! He could feel it brushing against his
palm.When he felt it, Timmy placed his hand directly on top of my crotch; I
couldn't resist anymore as I leant up and kissed him passionately on the
lips. Once I finally broke the kiss, I slid my mouth up so that it was next
to his ear, and as I placed both of my hands on his arse, I whispered
"Happy birthday, bro."Then I slid my hands down the back of his shorts and rubbed his cheeks. I
could see his face go through many different expressions as he tried to
figure out what I had meant. Then it seemed to finally click as a big grin
came across his face. He looked at Kevin as if for confirmation. Kev nodded
his head and Timmy leapt at me, kissing me passionately.Then, the three of us made our way, once more, up to my bedroom. Once we
were in there, I laid Timmy onto my bed and began to slowly undress him. I
started by taking his shirt off which I slowly slid over his
head. Revealing his baby-white skin and flat stomach. Once it was over his
head, I moved my hand to the top of his shorts, and as I kissed him again,
I slid my hand slowly inside and realised he had no underwear on as my hand
touched his small ballsac. I shivered as I felt Kevin's hands stroking my
back. I knew that we weren't going to have much time before our father got
back from work. So Kevin and I had decided that he would help with the
foreplay sides of things.As I felt nn teen girls lolitas
him undoing my shirt, I slid Timmy's pants down to his ankles and
got another glimpse of his pure beauty. He was a miracle in my opinion. I
slowly started to stroke his small penis as I felt both Timmy and Kevin's
hands on the buckle of my pants. I leant over and placed my mouth around
his dick. It tasted so pure and it was hard as a rock. The boys finally got
my pants undone and slid them, along with my underwear, down my legs. My
hard cock sprang free. But it seemed like only a second-and-a-half before
it was entrapped again, but this time in the underground lolita love pics confines of Kevin's wet
mouth. I couldn't help but let out a small moan at the warmth.We remained like this for a minute or so until I could feel Timmy humping
underneath me, and I knew he was experiencing an orgasm. Kevin's mouth had
me very close, so I had to pull away so as not to shoot-off.. I placed my
hands delicately under Timmy's thighs and rolled his body upwards and
revealed his tight little arse. I immediately saw that Kevin had done as I
had asked him. In the time that it took for me to get home, he had started
to rim Timmy. So now, his arse was already quite wet; it was a precaution
that I needed. I slid my tongue down his slightly salty crack and arrived
at his small pucker.As my tongue entered his so-tight crevice, Timmy was moaning and writhing
in pleasure. I knew he was ready, but I still had my conscience to worry
about. So, I removed my tongue and glanced up at my baby brother and asked,
"Timmy, you sure about this?"He looked at me as if I'd gone insane, and then he wriggled his arse as if
in answer.. It was all I needed as I bent over and kissed him on his soft
lips as I slid my hard penis along his crack getting it ready for
entrance. I was still extremely nervous about this even as I placed the
head at the entrance to his arse, and with one final look at Timmy, I slid
the head in slowly.I half expected Timmy to cry out in pain, but aside from a slight grimace
of discomfort, the boy couldn't stop smiling. And the feeling for me, well,
to say that it was incredible just wouldn't do it justice. I had to fight
not to cum as soon as it touched the insides of him.I stopped for a moment to make sure everything was okay, but Timmy was
grinding his arse back begging for more of my cock. I obliged and slowly
slid the full length of my cock into his arse. I saw a look of total bliss
on my brother's face when he felt my pubes touching his arse cheeks. I
couldn't keep from moaning, it was just sooooo good. As I slowly began to
fuck my baby brother, I wondered whether life could possibly get any better
than this.Timmy was moaning loudly every time I thrust into his arse. Kevin, I had
noticed, had taken up a spot on my bed where he could watch me drilling
Timmy. He had his cock in his hand and was slowly masturbating it. I was
tempted to invite him to let me suck on it, but I decided against it
because I wanted this moment to just be about Timmy. So I turned my
attention back to my brother as I continued to slide in and out of
him. Timmy looked up at me in pleasure, and I couldn't help but lean over
and kiss him again.It was during this moment of kissing that the last thing I expected,
happened. I heard a yell from the door to the bedroom. "What the hell do
you think you are doing?"I froze on the spot, halfway inside Timmy. My blood froze and I couldn't
breathe. I looked at the door and saw my father standing there. Before I
had a chance to do or say anything my dad came hurtling across the room,
headed for me. I was frozen as beautiful nude lolita pics he ripped me off the bed and threw me to the
floor. I landed with a hard thud; I looked up at the bed and saw the
terrified looks on my brother's faces. I knew that we were screwed.My father, Damon, was a conventional man. He worked hard, and while he was
away from us, we knew he cared. But I was also aware of the fact that he
hated people who were different. After what had happened to me in the other
city, there had been a strain put on our relationship. Until I had been
able to convince him that it was a one-off thing. But now there was no way
out of this; I knew that. The only question was, what was going to happen?
He glared at me as though I was an alien. Then he looked at Kevin and Timmy
and said, "Go to your room! I'll talk to you in a minute." They grabbed
their clothes, and with a look at me, they left.My father looked at me; there was fire in his eyes that I had never seen
before. "How could you? Your own brothers!"I was smart enough to know there was no use trying to tell him that the
brothers had been more than willing participants. I knew that he would
never in a million years believe me. So ... I accepted the inevitable.My father just kept glaring at me. It was driving me crazy, seeing him so
pissed off; I was upset. We just glared at each other for the longest
time. Him, standing at nearly six foot, me, sitting on the floor like the
scared boy that I was."That's it! Ryan I need you to leave."I looked at him dumbfounded. I had expected the reaction to be bad. But
surely he euro loli preteen pics didn't mean that. I went to say something, but he stopped
me. "Pack your stuff and leave. I should have known after what happened
with Chris.." He looked at me and then walked out of my room and slammed
the door.I picked myself up off the floor, and decided that if I left for a day or
two he would cool off and I'd be able to come back. I knew I had a friend
who had said I could stay there whenever I wanted to. So, I top little nude lolitas
got up and
pulled out my overnight bag and started to pack.I had been doing this for about five minutes when I heard Kevin scream. I
ran straight to my door and opened it, to find a crying Kevin standing
there. I immediately noticed a red hand-mark on the left side of his
face. I couldn't believe it - my father had just struck my brother. I raced
down the hallway to where my brother's bedroom teen preteen loli model was. I reached the door and
my dad was standing over Timmy, cursing him.Timmy was bawling his eyes out and when he saw me he said, "Save me!"I charged at my Dad and all he did was swipe at me with his right fist. It
connected and sent me into the wall. "I said get out of my house, you
fucking faggot!"He punched me again in the head, and I lost consciousness.* * * TBC
Well theres chapter three. I hopwe that you enjoyed it. And please comment
at nspencer90yahoo.com.au Other then that please take care and happy
reading. Nick
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